• #savesamantha eds neurosurgery
#savesamantha eds neurosurgery

Campaigning for an increased awareness and change for EDS and other chronic conditions in the UK health system whilst raising funds for my life saving neuro-surgery.


How can the Save Samantha website help?

Save Samantha was born over night as a fundraiser to help save the life of a young Mummy of 2 from Greater Manchester, Samantha Smith.

Samantha hopes by sharing information about EDS and her other associated health conditions she can help raise awareness and make a positive change within the UK health care system.

What is EDS?

What is EDS

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome – EDS is a condition that affects the body’s collagen caused by a mutation in the body’s connective tissue resulting in changes in the mechanical resistance and flexibility.

The lack of knowledge regarding EDS within the UK health care system is very apparent, not just in my case but in many others that I am being introduced to daily through their inspiring journey and constant struggles.


Life With EDS – My documentary to share my Save Samantha journey so far

“An extremely heartfelt insight into how EDS and other health conditions have affected Samantha’s life, how she has had to close a successful business and how she won’t let her health affects her ability as an amazing mother to her two young children.”

A documentary I created with The Standout Company to share my journey with EDS from pre diagnosis to how it affects my everyday.

How can YOU help?


    Please share any content you have found useful of my website with your friends, family and social media.


    Over on my Social Media I share regular updates on my health, the journey and information I discover about my conditions


    JustGiving in their latest report shared that a single public share could increase my fundraising amount by £100

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    Do you have EDS or an associated condition? I would love to hear your story and share with my followers. Contact me here.

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Other Ways You Can Support

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Important Information and Website Disclaimer

The website is designed to raise awareness for my health condition and share the story of others to create a positive change. The information is not to be used as a diagnosis or prescription. All information with regards to making diagnosis and lifestyle changes should be consulted with your GP and other health related practitioners.

Each individual’s experience with EDS and other related conditions are their own and experience’s and symptoms may differ.

For anyone wanting more information and support around EDS please go to: EDS UK https://www.ehlers-danlos.org

The following websites provide more information, advice and support for people with EDS and their families:

Ehlers-Danlos Support UK – you can also call their free helpline on 0800 907 8518, find local support groups or visit their online forum.

Hypermobility Syndromes Association (HMSA) – you can also call their helpline on 033 3011 6388, find local groups, or visit their online forum.